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Welcome to Prokem Suite Plugin Review

You are welcome to my Prokem Suite Plugin review and today I am incredibly glad to introduce some sort of HOT WP plugin in order to in making money with affiliate marketing.

It can be called “Prokem Suite Plugin".

In this article, I want to help you that happen to be now struggling to become the affiliate, product creator, shop online, or even publisher. Using this tool, you could display a pop-up, Major Bar, Bottom Bar, Get away Intent on your Website.

We should learn about this tool today!

Prokem Suite Plugin Review - Product Summary

· Vendor: Andika Nur Setya the perfect al

· Product: Prokem Suite Plugin

· Sales Page: 

· Date of Launch: December 20th, 2016

· Launch Time: 13: 00 EST

· Front-End Value: $37

·Niche: Videos

What is it?


Prokem Suite Tool is a powerful Wordpress Wordpress plugin which allows you to capture your own personal customers’ email addresses, crank out leads and make sales possibly possible.

What are The Most Brilliant Features of Prokem Suite Wordpress tool?


Pop Up

You can pop up performed form either in the form of photographs, text, video or auto-responder.

Exit Intent

If the cursor is placed at the top of the cell phone browser, it will pop up the same as the ultimate feature, and can also show up in any form either such as images, text, video or perhaps auto-responder.

Top Bar along with the Bottom Bar

You can show equally the Bar in any form sometimes in the form of images, text, videos, or auto-responder.

If you have found web above or down below it there is an elongated over the top.

Input Pixel

You can the code for the method Retargeting pixel later. So those who visited your website, you can in the future Retargeting longer use FLICKR Ads.

This means you can showcase the website / your solution to people who have visited the web page that you attach pixel computer FB.

Shortened / Overlook Link

This feature is frequently worn by the players affiliate marketing or CPA because it can easily shorten / abbreviate online link to promote. It also could display a pop-up, get out of intent, or top and bottom bars. Even the affiliate marketer link that you can pendekan put to the retargeting pixel FACEBOOK OR TWITTER Ads.

Expired Link

This kind of feature serves to hyperlink in pendekan can placed its expiry date.

This works if you are promoting internet marketer products which limited it has the sales until a certain night out.

Because if your visitor ticks of the link, while sales include closed, then you like to squander your visitors.

Therefore if you indicate link till date therefore , if expired then possibly be transferred to your other website link.

What Can Get When Using That Plugin?


· Pop ups can certainly display on your website.

· Can display the Top / Bottom level bar on your website, so no matter where your web visitors browse ad / sales you might always be visible.

· No quit intent, with this feature if you wish to close your web visitors, in that case will be presented with a banner.

· Can be used to lessen the affiliate link that can promote.

· Can input nullement on your own website or with your affiliate link, so you can complete retargeting to people who have been to your website / your affiliate marketing link.

· Can promotion on your products soft selling or maybe subtly.

· Link affiliate suggestions CPA you promote am often easy to remember.

· Pendekan url that you can also display a new pop-up, top / underside bars and exit motive in the form of pictures, video as well as auto-responder for your list building.

· Can promote two or three products within a link because with this wordpress extension, you can display a pop-up, Top Bar and the Underside Bar at once.

· Can take your prospect secretly should be to code your FB aspect.

· Not only can your personal affiliate link pendekan, even so the common link as Tokopedia, detik. com and other web page link you can also pendekan. With a really function you can use to Delicate Selling.

· And many more gains you get.

Who Needs to Make use of it?

· For you are a rookie or mastah.

· For often adsense or other founder

· For affiliate marketing

· For the squad CPA

· For the product choreographer

· For the advertiser with FB Ads or different Advertiser

· For those of you seeking to apply Softselling

Why Should You Obtain It?


I have been given immediate access by Mas Agus Sugianto about Prokem Suite Wordpress extension.

In general, this WordPress tool serves to hide the online link.

As the perpetrators connected with email marketing, both inside and outdoors the country, I most like precisely the same pop-up feature, and get away intent.

Honestly, both of these attributes can capture leads, which will can we educate Ladi future.

My final product further than horrified to use this attribute. I recommend to you, if you want menirup what I am doing.

Also, you can receive a lot of valuable add-ons from the author like:

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Thank you so much to get reading my Prokem Suite Plugin review and see you actually in the next review post!

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